Berendsen Fluid Power has extensive experience working within defence industries. Our expertise ranges from designing and manufacturing marine applications, to undertaking onsite and offsite services. Proficient sourcing of high quality hydraulic products ensures our work is executed to a high standard.

With access to advanced engineering software, we can meticulously design and manufacture special-purpose cylinders for marine and aerospace applications, and design custom hydraulic manifolds for marine defence applications. Additionally, we can design, manufacture and install turnkey hydraulic systems in accordance with customer requirements.

Our capabilities in both offsite and onsite services include cylinder overhaul services for marine defence applications and hydraulic maintenance services for laboratory testing systems. We also offer refurbishment, calibration and certification of hydraulic training systems.

Berendsen supplies a range of products including pumps, valves and rotary actuators for marine application.

If you are in the defence industry and looking for a customised hydraulic solution, contact Berendsen Fluid Power today on 1800 660 249.