Hydraulic Engineering & Hydraulic System Design

Technology and techniques have moved past the simple pump and cylinder stage, and we are now seeing systems integrated through the use of smart technologies, which are stretching the boundaries of traditional hydraulic design.

Our Engineering and Design department with its solutions driven approach is one of the most accomplished in Australia. Our team of qualified hydraulic engineers, whose combined experience runs into the decades, has assembled an impressive portfolio of success stories over the years involving some revolutionary projects.

Customised, Technically Rigorous Hydraulic System Design

The design and engineering process begins with the scope of the project being accurately defined through extensive consultation with the client.  Thereafter, the appropriate solution is devised by drawing on the collective expertise of the engineering team. Each solution is unique and developed to exact specifications using a combination of design software, engineering calculation and application experience.

Whether your requirement is to obtain a conforming tender from a reputable source for a large hydraulic project, or simply to obtain expert advice on how to extract maximum performance from your hydraulic system, enlisting our engineering and design department could give you the competitive edge.

  • Turnkey Hydraulic Projects
  • Hydraulic Circuit Design
  • Hydraulic Power Unit¬†Design
  • Hydraulic System Upgrades
  • Refurbishment and Modifications to Hydraulic Systems
  • Consultancy
  • Project Management