4 Way Directional Control With Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves

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The Brand Hydraulics SDCF valves combine the features of a four-way directional control valve, a full range pressure compensated by-pass type flow control valve, and an adjustable pilot operated pressure relief valve all in one compact design. SDCF valves allow for a reduced number of fittings, plumbing and potential leakage points in hydraulic circuits. The manual handle allows the customer to meter the flow out of either port and flow to the work port is directly proportional to the movement of the lever. Flow out of each work port is constant irrespective of load changes, allowing the customer to maintain smooth and constant movement of a cylinder or motor.

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Part NumberInlet/Outlet (")Port Size (")LPM (GPM)bar (psi)Spool ActionSpool TypeData Sheet
SDCF755TM184LF13/41/20-18 (0-68.0)3000 (207)Friction DetentTandem MeteringDownload
SDCF755TM64LF13/41/20-6 (0-22.7)3000 (207)Friction DetentTandem MeteringDownload
SDCF755TM64LS3/41/20-6 (0-22.7)3000 (207)Spring CenterTandem MeteringDownload

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  • SDCF755TM184LF1

    Brand: Brand Hydraulics
    List Price: $745.00 ex. GSTOur Price: $558.75 ex. GST
  • SDCF755TM64LF1

    Brand: Brand Hydraulics
    List Price: $745.00 ex. GSTOur Price: $558.75 ex. GST