Bladder Kits


The Exotech (Olaer) Bladder Kits can be used to replace the bladder of an existing accumulator, rather than replacing the entire unit due to wear from use. It is advised that customers choose a bladder kit that suits the volume of their existing accumulator.

The Bladder Kits include:
– Replacement bladder
– Gas valve and fitting
– O-rings/seals
– Anti-flex ring

Ordering Guide

The ordering guide below provides technical specifications to assist you with your selection. When you are ready to order, simply scroll down to the 'Place your Order' section below the Ordering Guide or click on a part number in the Ordering Guide table.

EBA 1-4L Bladder Accumulator Range

Part noCapacity (L)
BK-EBA001/3501 litre
BK-EBA002/3502.5 litre
BK-EBA004/3504 litre

3K Bladder Accumulator Range

Part noCapacity (L)
BK-EBA010/20710 litre
BK-EBA020/20720 litre
BK-EBA037/20737 litre
BK-EBA050/20750 litre
BK-EBA057/20757 litre

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