Eaton Xcel Motors – XLS Series

Eaton Hydraulics
Eaton Hydraulics

Eaton’s Xcel Motors – XLS Series features the same basic construction and layout as the XLH series, however uses Geroler technology to further reduce friction and increase volumetric efficiency. This series also has check valves as standard that drain the case chamber to the motor outlet port. In many applications this enables the case drain to be omitted.

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2 Bolt SAE-A Mount, 25mm Straight Keyed Shaft, 1/2″ BSP Ports

Part Number Displacement cm3/r (in3/rev)
036-0131-002 50 (3.1)
036-0132-002 80 (4.9)
036-0133-002 100 (6.1)
036-0135-002 160 (9.8)
036-0136-002 195 (11.9)
036-0137-002 245 (14.9)
036-0138-002 305 (18.6)

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  • 036-0133-002

    Brand: Eaton Hydraulics
    List Price: $553.91 ex. GSTOur Price: $415.43 ex. GST
  • 036-0135-002

    Brand: Eaton Hydraulics
    List Price: $600.16 ex. GSTOur Price: $450.12 ex. GST