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The SPX Power Team components have either male or female threaded ports, in order to connect these components together fittings are required.

Several styles of fittings have been included:
– Elbows (45° and 90°)
– Tee pieces
– Straight connectors
– Swivel fittings

Click here to view the SPX Power Team Single Acting Pumps.

Ordering Guide

The ordering guide below provides technical specifications to assist you with your selection. When you are ready to order, simply scroll down to the 'Place your Order' section below the Ordering Guide or click on a part number in the Ordering Guide table.

Part NumberTypeMaleFemaleWeight (kg.)
9670Tee Adaptor3/8″ NPTF1/4″ and 3/8″ NPTF0.23
9673Swivel Connector3/8” NPSM1/4” NPSM0.09
9674Male Connector1/4” x 3/8” NPTF0.09
967845° Fitting1/4” NPTF1/4” NPTF0.14
9682Male Connector3/8” NPTF x 3/8” NPTF0.05
968690° Elbow3/8” NPTF x 3/8” NPTF0.18
9798Half Coupler3/8” NPTF0.11

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