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The C series is a general purpose, single acting high pressure hydraulic cylinder, ranging in sizes from 5-15 tonnage, able to support pressures up to 10,000 psi. Suitable for a variety of applications where high force is required.

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Ordering Guide

The ordering guide below provides technical specifications to assist you with your selection. When you are ready to order, simply scroll down to the 'Place your Order' section below the Ordering Guide or click on a part number in the Ordering Guide table.

Part no#Capacity (Tons)Stroke mm (Inches)
C51C5 ton cap cyl25.4mm (1″)
C53C5 ton cap cyl82.6mm (3.25″)
C55C5 ton cap cyl133.4 mm (5.25″)
C57C5 ton cap cyl184.2 mm (7.25″)
C101C10 ton cap cyl25.4mm (1″)
C102C10 ton cap cyl54mm  (2.125″)
C104C10 ton cap cyl104.8 mm (4.125″)
C106C10 ton cap cyl155.6 mm (6.125″)
C151C15 ton cap cyl25.4mm (1″)
C152C15 ton cap cyl54mm  (2.125″)
C154C15 ton cap cyl104.8 mm (4.125″)
C156C15 ton cap cyl155.6 mm (6.125″)

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