Field & Emergency Service

Berendsen understands that unscheduled shutdowns as a result of hydraulic system failure are a huge point of concern for any production-orientated business. Therefore the concept of the mobile hydraulic service workshop was devised, to act as a hydraulic ambulance, travelling to you instantly to get your hydraulic system up and running again in the shortest possible time.

Our field service vans are fitted with all the tools, spares and equipment necessary to perform the following functions at your site or premises:

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

When it comes to diagnosing problems in complex hydraulic systems, experience is critical, and this is what sets Berendsen apart from the rest. Through hard-earned experience, Berendsen’s field service technicians have acquired the skills necessary to troubleshoot intricate hydraulic and pneumatic systems, devise solutions and get your machinery up and running. This service is on call 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Hydraulic Component Extractions, Installations and Commissioning

Whether your requirement is for a simple component installation or the installation and commissioning of a turnkey hydraulic system with associated pipe work, Berendsen’s designated hydraulic service vans are fitted with hose crimpers, pipe benders, cutting equipment and other equipment necessary to service all hydraulic installation needs.

Hydraulic System Flushing

Our facilities are equipped with an assortment of portable flushing units capable of flushing systems of various sizes to the required cleanliness standard prior to final commissioning.

Onsite Emergency Hydraulic Repairs and Maintenance

When machinery breaks down, time is of the essence. We recognise that having the right tools and spares on hand will save you time and money. Berendsen’s field service vans are equipped with the tools and critical spares needed to rectify common problems, onsite, in the quickest possible timeframe.

Hydraulic System Audits

Berendsen’s field service technicians possess valuable experience that can be brought to bear on your fluid power systems in the form of an equipment audit. Being informed about problems or risks to your system before they lead to a catastrophic system failure can prevent thousands of dollars of lost time and repair costs. Additionally, the improvements identified during our audit could unlock productivity enhancements that give you the edge in your industry.


Contact your local Berendsen branch to see how we can assist with your field and emergency service needs.