Hard Chrome Plating Solutions for Hydraulic Repair

Berendsen Fluid Power’s dedicated hard chrome plating facility in Kings Park is optimized to support our hydraulic repair divisions around the country. The requirements for hard chrome surfaces utilized in fluid power applications are unique, and demand a deep understanding of the principles of hydraulic engineering. Hard chrome products must adhere strictly to precise specifications for hardness, surface thickness and finish in order to maintain fine tolerances, lubrication properties, and abrasion resistance. All of which comes together to ensure the correct performance and longevity of close-fitting moving parts.

With large scale facilities and specialized staff, this dedicated operation is equipped to provide consistent, high-quality chrome products for hydraulic repairs to many components including hydraulic cylinder rods and other chrome-coated parts.

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Hard Chrome Plating

Industrial hard chrome plating is an integral part of many hydraulic components such as cylinders, pumps and motors. This material has high hardness and a low coefficient of friction, which gives it superior performance and good resistance to the abrasive and erosive wear encountered during hydraulic machine operation. Hard chrome also has excellent corrosion-resistance, protecting against atmospheric oxidation and other forms of corrosion.

Sulphamate Nickel Plating

Sulphamate nickel plating is offered in conjunction with hard chrome plating and provides a durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant surface suitable for damp saline environments such as underground coal mines. This material has a high degree of purity and density together with superior ductility and high-temperature resistance. In addition, the efficiency of the plating process, makes nickel-chrome plating an economical option in situations where heavy build-up is required.


Berendsen’s hard chrome plating facilities are geared to meet the needs of large scale industrial hydraulics customers. From earthmoving machines to high duty cycle manufacturing machines, cranes, underground mining equipment and agricultural machines.


Berendsen’s fully-equipped operation is set up to quickly process hydraulic repair jobs in a systematic manner and is capable of handling large scale cylinder rods and barrels and components of unusual shapes and sizes. The process is both technical and intuitive – involving careful treatment and care during several steps from stripping to plating and finishing to deliver a product that is both hard wearing and high precision.

Stripping Tanks

We operate electrolytic stripping tanks in a range of sizes to efficiently remove chrome from a wide variety of pieces, including those of unusual shapes such as industrial moulds.

Max solution depth 4500mm

Cylindrical Grinding Machines

In the hands of our experienced operators, our complement of cylindrical grinding machines accurately removes worn material from piston rods and other components in preparation for plating.

Max job size 4200L x 600mmOD

Chrome Plating Cells

Our facility operates seven chrome plating cells of different dimensions to accommodate a wide range of pieces of differing sizes and unusual shapes.

Max solution depth 3800mm

Sulphamate Nickel Plating Cells

Our facility operates three sulphamate nickel plating cells. Sulphamate nickel plating is applied in conjunction with hard chrome to produce a corrosion and wear resistant surface suitable for damp saline environments such as underground mines

Max solution depth 2000mm

Linishing Stations

To ensure a perfect surface finish, our linishing machines are used to sand cylindrical parts with belts of differing abrasiveness to achieve the specified surface texture and material thickness.

Max job size 4200mmL x 430mmOD

Rod Straightening Press

Our rod straightening press enables us to straighten piston rods with up to 300tn pressing force, thereby minimizing the amount of material to be removed to achieve concentricity and chrome build-up to restore original size.

Max Force 300tn

Quality Guaranteed

Working with chrome requires technical proficiency combined with intuitive knowledge. It requires an intimate understanding of the behaviour of different components and materials.

Years of experience is required to work with materials where tolerances are tight and often the standards quality is measured in microns. These are complex crafts that cannot be learned in a textbook. These are skills that must be learned over years of repeated repairs. From inspection and evaluation, to stripping, plating, and finishing, we maintain strict quality control over the entire process until the product is delivered to the customer, anywhere in Australia.