Minimise Hose Failure with Our Hydraulic Hose Service and Repair Program

A common cause of machinery downtime in hydraulic systems is hose failure. Hose failure has also been identified as the cause of several serious workplace injuries. Berendsen’s hose service program is designed to minimise the occurrence of hose failures which provides significant benefits for your equipment productivity and safety.

We Offer Thorough Hydraulic Hose Repair & Maintenance Services

Unlike hose van operators, Berendsen’s technicians are not only trained to competently assemble and install hoses but are also qualified hydraulic field service technicians. Not only can we replace your damaged hose, we can also identify and solve the underlying issues in your system and keep your equipment operating at peak performance levels. It is this holistic offering that sets Berendsen’s hose service apart from the rest.

Regular hose inspection, competent hose assembly, testing and tagging combine to reduce the risk of hose failure in your plant and on your equipment. As an authorised distributor of Eaton Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products, our customers have access to the full spectrum of genuine, high-quality Aeroquip fluid conveyance products.

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Let Our Skilled Technicians Handle Your Hydraulic Hose Repairs & More

Our Hose Service offering is available exclusively to Berendsen customers; so contact your nearest branch today to establish your account and unlock your competitive advantage.