Our Cylinder Repair Process

Our rigorous cylinder service process means you can rest assured that your cylinders will be well looked after. After initial assessment, Berendsen Fluid Power’s comprehensive procedures can range all the way from partial or complete disassembly to meticulous inspection and testing, through to final reassembly once all issues have been resolved. Below is the full cylinder service process that may be used on each cylinder servicing task depending on the requirements, and all done in-house thanks to our excellent branch facilities.

Cylinder Barrel Honing and Reclamation

With honing facilities in nine locations Australia-wide, Berendsen can reclaim barrels and turn around repairs swiftly, regardless of your location. Our facilities include hones that can accommodate bores up to 500mm and barrel lengths up to 12000mm.

Cylinder Stripping and Assessment

Our process begins with a detailed assessment of your cylinder’s condition, including measurement, pre-test, NDT and failure analysis where applicable. Our workshops are equipped with lifting equipment, maintenance cells and stripping benches with nut cracking attachments to strip and assess your cylinder prior to repair.

Cylinder Design Enhancement

Chronic cylinder problems are often the result of inadequate initial design and/or incorrect prior repair; this invariably leads to premature failure and increased downtime. Enhancements in design and specification, including seal selection, material selection, tolerances and surface treatments can result in vast increases in uptime and cost savings. As part of your cylinder repair, ask Berendsen about the long term benefits of a cylinder redesign.

Cylinder Milling and Turning

When close tolerances and high pressures are in play, the only way to avoid problems is to employ precision engineered parts manufactured from high tensile materials. Our workshops are equipped with a range of manual and computer assisted milling and turning machines that can repair a damaged thread, produce a complete new rod, piston, barrel, clevis, end-cap or trunnion block assembly.

Cylinder Chroming

Our chroming suppliers are selected for consistent turnaround and high quality results. Whilst many repairers will hand linnish and flash chrome rods to minimize their costs, Berendsen prefers to grind, chrome and grind rods to a minimum 0.002Thou which delivers maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

Cylinder Welding

Our network is equipped with the technology and skills to deliver a variety of welding services. Standard capabilities include MIG, TIG and weld reclamation, whilst selected locations offer specialised techniques including Submerged Arc and Aluminium Bronze overlay techniques.

Cylinder Assembly, Paint and Testing

Cylinder assembly is guided by Berendsen’s documented assembly procedures ensuring a consistent, high quality result. To ensure quality and reliability, the performance of every refurbished cylinder is tested using our in-house test facilities ranging from basic pressure testing rigs, to advanced electronic test equipment custom-built to cater for special applications. Each cylinder is painted in one of our fully equipped spray booths, or, where specialised coatings are required, by our preferred coating service providers.