CETOP 5 High Performance Modular Stack Valves

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Part NumberModel CodeFunctionHeight (mm)
879036DGMC-5-PT-GH-B-30Single Relief60
879044DGMC2-5-AB-GH-BA-GH-30Dual Relief60
867339DGMPC-5-ABK-30Single Pilot Check50
867340DGMPC-5-BAK-30Single Pilot Check50
867364DGMPC-5-ABK-BAK-30Dual Pilot Check50
867335DGMFN-5-X-A2W-B2W-30Dual Flow control with Reverse Check50
867332DGMFN-5-Y-A2W-B2W-30Dual Flow control with Reverse Check50
879045DGMX2-5-PP-BH-B-30Reducing / Relieving Valves50
879046DGMX2-5-PP-GH-B-30Reducing / Relieving Valves50
Please note Bolt Kits are sold separately. Please visit CETOP Valves Spare Parts for more information and product selection.

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  • 867340

    Brand: Eaton Vickers
    List Price: $463.00 ex. GSTOur Price: $347.25 ex. GST
  • 879045

    Brand: Eaton Vickers
    List Price: $698.00 ex. GSTOur Price: $523.50 ex. GST