PBB Series (Chrome Plated Steel Cap)

The Hydraulic Warehouse

This device is similar to a conventional breather, but it incorporates a relief valve set at 5 or 10 PSI and a vacuum breaker and filter. When the level rises, air is compressed rather than being expelled. Thereafter, changing fluid levels are accommodated by the changing size of the air bubble in the reservoir, instead of breathing by as much as 90% to 95%, increasing the life of the breather filter by a factor of 10. They are recommended systems that are expected to operate in extremely dusty environments.

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Part NumberMicron RatingAirflow (m³/min)Mounting DetailRelief Valve Setting
PBB-10-10N100.426 holes on 73mm PCD10 psi
PBB10-5N100.426 holes on 73mm PCD5 psi

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  • PBB-10-10N

    Brand: The Hydraulic Warehouse
    List Price: $67.00 ex. GSTOur Price: $46.90 ex. GST
  • PBB10-5N

    Brand: The Hydraulic Warehouse
    List Price: $67.00 ex. GSTOur Price: $46.90 ex. GST